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Fuwa Metal Co., Ltd.

Business profile

Iron is an important raw material used across a wide range of areas, such as buildings, railways and bridges. It is an essential material for the development of livelihood and the industry. Along with its versatility, the fact that it can be recycled makes it a valuable resource.
For more than a century, our company has contributed to recycling of resources and the development of the industry through selling steel and iron scrap.

We have 12 offices in Japan (six in the Kansai area and six in the Kanto area), and three offices in the continental US (Texas, Los Angeles and New York), a total of 15 locations. While downsizing to match the market, whether at home or abroad, as a leading company in the collection, processing and sale of iron scrap, one of the raw materials in steelmaking, and as a reliable iron recycling business, we continue to contribute to innovation in the industry.

Our mission is "People can change the environment". Based on this mission, and our corporate philosophy of always "looking 10 years ahead", we strive to build the trust our customers put in us. We make continuous effort for self-improvement so that we are able to provide a stable supply of high-quality products. To be able to coexist and develop together with our society, we embrace a business model that matches the fast and flexible times we live in.

Activities in the Kansai area

We own three different processing plants at our Osaka Branch, Higashi Osaka Branch and Yao Branch that allow us to provide processing system that can respond to a variety of user needs. At the same time, we share information with our five offices handling non-ferrous scrap for export, including the Nanko Branch and Izumiotsu Yard to achieve optimum efficiency in both the collection and shipment processes.
The Osaka Sales Division, our base of operations and headquarters, provides support for purchase and distribution to the four branches above. Moreover, it uses the advantage of having direct trading accounts with leading steel manufacturers to explore business operations that benefit both suppliers and distributors.

Activities in the Kanto area

Our Ichikawa branch, operating 24-hours, as well as the strategically located North Kanto Branch, Saitama Branch and Funabashi Yards enable us to build a collecting, processing and shipping system, that is flexible and strong, and thus to create the optimal production system.
Furthermore, our Tokyo Branch (Tokyo Sales Division) utilizes its connections with FUWA METAL USA, Inc. and overseas local agents to enhance our information and purchase/ distribution routes. By handling trade business in-house, we plan to expand further and more actively overseas in temrs of exports and imports of iron scrap and not only.

Activities in the United States

The United States play a central role on the world market. FUWA METAL USA, Inc., was founded in 2007, and was based initially in New York. It started container transport of iron scrap to Asian countries and caused a logistics revolution in the United States.
At present, the head office functions have been transferred to Texas, and branches were created in Los Angeles and New York. It has thus established a triangular network aimed at thorough minimization of costs. By capitalizing on its ability to gather information from around the US and its business alliances with local corporations, FUWA METAL USA, Inc. promotes new perspectives for all resource recycling operations.

Company Profile

Company name
Fuwa Metal Co., Ltd.
December , 1950
Chairman Yuji Kurokawa
President Masaaki Katsuyama
Executive Director Yoshikazu Tanino
Director Yoshiaki Tabata
Headquarters location
542-0074, 1-4-4 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaki City, Osaka
(+81) 6-6213-6581
Main business
Processing and sales of steelmaking raw materials
Sales of iron and steel materials (steel, billet, pig iron and semi-finished products)
Trade (container and bulk ships)
Main delivery customers
※Random order, titles omitted
Direct delivery agent for

新日鐵住金株式会社 / 大阪製鐵株式会社 / 株式会社中山製鋼所

Blast furnace



新関西製鐵株式会社 / 岸和田製鋼株式会社 / 山陽特殊製鋼株式会社 / 中山鋼業株式会社 / 日鉄住金スチール株式会社 / 合同製鐵株式会社 / 共英製鋼株式会社 / 東京製鐵株式会社 / JFE条鋼株式会社 / 株式会社城南製鋼所 / 東京鉄鋼株式会社 / 関東スチール株式会社 / 千代田鋼鉄工業株式会社 / 東京鋼鐵株式会社

Malleable steel

株式会社クボタ / 虹技株式会社 / 三菱自動車工業株式会社 / 株式会社中西可鍛鋳鉄所 / 株式会社栗本鐵工所 / 株式会社吉年 / NTN鋳造株式会社 / コマツキャステックス株式会社

Trading company

エムエム建材株式会社 / 日鉄住金物産株式会社 / 大阪物産株式会社 / 大銑産業株式会社 / 丸紅テツゲン株式会社 / JFE商事株式会社 / 伊藤忠メタルズ株式会社 / 阪和興業株式会社 / 草野産業株式会社

Branches and sales offices
Head office /
     Osaka Sales Division

Location542-0074, 1-4-4 Sennichimae, Chuo-ku, Osaki City, Osaka
Telephone[Head office]
(+81) 6-6213-6581
[Osaka Sales Division]
(+81) 6-6213-6568
Office Details

Osaka branch

Location551-0002, 3-2-11 Sangen'ya-higashi, Taisho-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Telephone(+81) 6-6551-2531
Office Details

Higashi-Osaka Branch

Location578-0901, 4-3-1 Kano, Higashi-Osaka, Osaka (within Kano Industrial Park)
Telephone(+81) 729-64-2246
Office Details

Yao Branch

Location581-0066, 2-5-25 Kitakamei-cho, Yao City, Osaka
Telephone(+81) 729-22-7509
Office Details

Nanko Branch

Location559-0031, 4-1 Nanko-higashi, Suminoe-ku, Osaka City, Osaka
Telephone(+81) 6-6612-6186
Office Details

Tokyo Branch

Location104-0033, Kohken New River Building 5F, 2-21-18 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Telephone(+81) 3-3297-1599
Office Details

Ichikawa Branch

Location272-0103, 1318 Hongyotoku, Ichikawa City, Chiba
Telephone(+81) 47-398-1010
Office Details

Saitama Branch

Location339-0071, 290-2 Ainohara, Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama City, Saitama
Telephone(+81) 48-793-1777
Office Details

North Kanto Branch

Location327-0035, 2138 Funatsugawa-cho, Sano City, Tochigi
Telephone(+81) 283-85-8651
Office Details

Kashima Branch

Location314-0147, 300-60 Wanigawa, Kamisu City, Ibaraki
Telephone(+81) 299-93-1663
Office Details

FUWA BUSINESS FUWA Group business overview

Group Business list

Iron and steel materials and products business

Supplying to domestic and overseas scrap collectors and processors, iron and steel makers, etc. and supplying recycled iron and steel materials to various areas

Our business

Trading business

Global business reach with a focus on the US and Asian countries

Our business

Construction materials and slag business

We supply high-quality aggregates and slag as construction materials for roads and concrete aggregates

Our business

Warehouse business

Our efficiently deployed stockyard contributes to achieving stable supply to meet customer needs

Our business

Logistics business

Our consolidated transportation system helps us achieve timely supply to meet customer needs

Our business

Solar power business

Operation of solar power generation at seven domestic locations as part of our environmental conservation efforts

Our business

"Change" and "Challenge" are the two driving forces behind Fuwa Group.