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Iron and steel materials and products business

We carry out collection, sorting, and processing of iron scrap generated from shipyards, automobile manufacturers, and more. We also process iron scrap generated from dismantled buildings and such into steelmaking raw material.
Iron scrap is an important resource in Japan, a country where natural resources are scarce. It is supplied to steel manufacturers that use it to make new steel products that are delivered to the market.
Our Company is committed to contribute to the realization of a recycling-based society through iron recycling.

These are used for building foundations of speedways, railways and bridges, or for iron and steel products in industrial machinery.
We are constantly working to provide a stable supply of products, to meet the needs of users who require iron and steel products.

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Iron and steel materials and products business

Supplying to domestic and overseas scrap collectors and processors, iron and steel makers, etc. and supplying recycled iron and steel materials to various areas

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Trading business

Global business reach with a focus on the US and Asian countries

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Construction materials and slag business

We supply high-quality aggregates and slag as construction materials for roads and concrete aggregates

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Warehouse business

Our efficiently deployed stockyard contributes to achieving stable supply to meet customer needs

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Logistics business

Our consolidated transportation system helps us achieve timely supply to meet customer needs

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Solar power business

Operation of solar power generation at seven domestic locations as part of our environmental conservation efforts

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