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Trading business

By positioning the Tokyo Branch as a control center for international trade, aggregating current information from all over the world, we have built an environment that allows us to communicate in a timely and accurate manner with each Company site, and trade efficiently and rapidly on the international market.

We began iron scrap export on a full scale in 1994, and established FUWA METAL USA, INC. in 2007.
We started a distribution revolution in New York by carrying out container export of iron scrap towards Asian countries.
In addition, we started the first 20,000 t class large ship exports from the Kanto area in February 2016. We continue towards our new goal of leading the next generation not only in the steel industry, but also as a competitive exporter in Japan.

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Iron and steel materials and products business

Supplying to domestic and overseas scrap collectors and processors, iron and steel makers, etc. and supplying recycled iron and steel materials to various areas

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Trading business

Global business reach with a focus on the US and Asian countries

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Construction materials and slag business

We supply high-quality aggregates and slag as construction materials for roads and concrete aggregates

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Warehouse business

Our efficiently deployed stockyard contributes to achieving stable supply to meet customer needs

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Logistics business

Our consolidated transportation system helps us achieve timely supply to meet customer needs

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Solar power business

Operation of solar power generation at seven domestic locations as part of our environmental conservation efforts

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"Change" and "Challenge" are the two driving forces behind Fuwa Group.